As a label boss myself it’s great to have newer labels like Keinemusik, Klektik, Tulipa, Perspectiv, Paso, and Area Remote bringing us new and emerging talent – conclusive proof that the underground electronic scene is flourishing across the globe from Berlin to Chicago to St. Louis. **Tulipa exclusively uses iMastering for all of their releases**

- John Digweed, Electronic Music Icon
(Bedrock Records)

I can definitely hear the difference, even on my IPad. I imagine it will be even more impressive on my SMU computer, but I’ll have to wait a few days
to find out.  What I am hearing is more clarity in the attack on chords and there seems to be a better bass quality-overall more presence.

- Robert Guthrie, World Renown Classical Guitarist
Dallas, TX
(N.P.R., PBS, SMU)

Tony has given us high quality masters and high quality service.  He works close with us to reach the best results.  We put our trust in Tony and he delivers.

- Chris Fortier, DJ/Producer/Remixer
Denver, CO

2 years has passed on, and I’m still using Intellectual Mastering, and loving it especially the analog option which makes the result as good as it sounds on a vinyl. This can clearly be heard on one of of the masters which was licensed to Hernan Cattaneo’s Renaissance The Masters Series (2012) Mix CD with Ernest Luminor – Jaga (Pako & Frederik Remix).

- Kenny Substance, Label Owner
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Pure Substance Records / Redflux Cinnabar)

Tony, this is excellent work. I did not think you would be able to restore the masters this much to be honest, as I wrote before, I did some severe mistakes in the premasters that became apparent when hearing the mastered, and you did manage to save that with ease. I am very very pleased with the outcome – and the effort you put into this.

- Andreas Hermansson - Inkfish, Producer/DJ
Stockholm/Oslo/ Berlin
(Inkfish Recordings, Parquet, Traum, Bedrock, Azuli)

Mastering requires equal parts technical hubris and adept intuition.  To perform their task well, a mastering engineer must not only be proficient with sound,  but also must connect with the artist to successfully convey the intended vibe and feel.  The latter is no small task, especially when one considers the typical artist’s psyche.  
What distinguishes Intellectual Mastering from other mastering studios is Tony Bove’s gifted combination of intuition and experience he brings to every project.  Right from the start, working with Intellectual Mastering has felt like a natural extension of the music creation process.  After completing the last song for my upcoming release, I have gained profound respect for Tony not only for his incredible mastering talent but more so for his genuine appreciation and love of all music.

- Stephen Ashworth, Heuristik, Keyboardist, Producer
Arizona, US
(Record Union)

While searching for a mastering studio online for my guitar based project, I came across Intellectual Mastering. However, I noticed the IM website seemed to be focused on electronic music so I asked if they mastered other genres like mine (acoustic rock). Tony responded and said even though he mainly works with electronic music, he could apply his know-how and branch out and if I liked the result of the first song, do the whole album. After hearing his results, I was sold. Tony was great at communicating with me and promptly responded to every email. He attentively worked with me until I had the final product I wanted. When I try to master my own songs I tend to squash everything. When my mixes came back from IM they were clear, dynamic, and had life. I would entrust Tony’s ear and gear for my next album I already have in the works. If you want your songs brought to the next level, email Tony today.

- Jon Eberly, Songwriter, Producer
Richmond, VA, US
(Track Meet Studios)

If you’re looking for a true mastering expert with many years of experience, Tony is your man. Instead of using the do-it-yourself approach and investing in equipment, trust Tony to do an amazing job. As a composer who specializes in classical/cinematic compositions, I needed to find a mastering engineer who was extremely knowledgeable about this style. I provided Tony with a reference track and he took it from there. I would rather focus on the composing/mixing and leave to mastering to a pro. I am blown away by what he’s able to achieve – the sound is incredible!

- Mark Ross, PhD, Composer
Port Chester, NY, USA
(Ross Creative Music)

Make no mistake about it, Tony’s ear for quality is unmatched.   For mastering or mix downs, look no further.  Tony gets the job done and then some.

- Steve Kaetzel, Producer/DJ
Seattle, WA
(Black Hole Recordings, Songbird, Sick Watona, Proton)

Being the owner of a quality music label, Tulipa Recordings, I am very concerned that my tracks remain consistent in the dynamics that is so common amongst high-quality record labels these days. I go to Tony for all of my mastering needs. I have even had instances where tracks were presented to me already mastered, and I told the artist to go ahead and send me the unmastered instead- so I can get a quality master done by Tony. My favorite thing about Tony’s mastering is that every range, from the lowest lows to the highest highs, are equally brought out in the mix, enhanced, and redefined. On top of that, the tracks he puts his magic touch on are industry-standard loud in volume, without sounding at all flat. He is very flexible with what the artist wants in the final product. For instance in my particular case- I always want the mids brought out a little extra bit in my masters. This is just my personal preference. For Tony, this is no problem. He will always master my tracks exactly how I like, and I am always one hundred precent pleased. On top of all these things already stated, communication is easy and he works efficiently. Tony has mastered tracks for my label, which are currently being supported by Hernan Cattaneo, Erphun, Jamie Stevens, Chloe Harris, Abyss, and more. These artists appreciate the quality of the sound I am certain. I exclusively use intellectual Mastering and no one else. Period.

- Brendon "Summer" Collins, Label Owner/DJ/Producer
St. Louis, MO
(Tulipa Recordings, Baroque, Silence Through Music, Stripped)

We have been with Intellectual Mastering for 2 years now both with Applepie Recordings and now with our new deep house label Deep Wave Records. We have to say we are more than happy to have all our tracks mastered by Intellectual Mastering as they deliver outstanding quality of mastering with great touch on each track, so every track sounds the best it can. Thanks to great quality of mastering we are now able to compete with much bigger labels and our releases had a massive support by well known artists as Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Franco Bianco and others who did play and still playing our tracks in clubs. We would recommend services by Intellectual Mastering to every individual artist or label who is looking for quality sound and professionalism.

- Ian Metty, Label Owner/Producer
(Deep Wave Records/ Apple Pie Recordings)

iMastering has the ears for the job. They really know what you want from the start. Not only did I get the results I was looking for, they were also responsible for my latest signing to UK label Baroque Records! In a single sentence, “great mastering results, plus my music sent to one of many iMastering’s contacts.” Simply amazing! I will look no further for my mastering needs.

- Gavin Dunne, Producer
Dublin, Ireland

The Mastering is a big part (of our label’s success), I get so many emails of mastering for cheaper but I don’t even bother with those because I know they are not going to do a better job. I get so many compliments on the mastering.

Intellectual Mastering provides top audio Mastering services. If You are looking to add that pro quality sound use Tony From iM. I have iM use Apex Analog option on all my tracks, it gives the track that extra sparkle that makes it stand out. You can not go wrong using Intellectual Mastering.

- Javier Lopez, Label Owner/ Producer/ DJ
Los Angeles, CA, US
(Dual Life Records )

Two of our latest tracks have been mastered by Tony at Intellectual Mastering and the results are superb! Not only do the tracks sound solid and posses a real warmth, but Tony’s extensive connections also helped us get the tracks signed to Endemic Digital in the UK. We highly recommend Intellectual Mastering and look forward to working with Tony gain in the near future.

- Paul & Ian , Homegroove Project, Producers/DJ's
Manchester, UK
(Compost, Bagpak, Pure Substance)

Although I already knew Tony (Bove) from local underground and club culture, it the recommendation of several peers and acquaintances that led me towards Intellectual Mastering. His theories and ideas for mastering complimented my own: not sacrificing depth and quality in order to have the track overly hot (loud). Why fatigue the quality of sound of the music and the physical limitations of the system it is being played on when you can have the true depth and complexity. So for me, it was Tony’s ear for quality that led UnitOvOne Recordings to have our diverse catalog mastered by iM. From Minimal Techno to Drum & Bass to Noise to Glitch, Tony brings out the best in all of our projects.

- Dan Robitaille, Label Owner/DJ/Producer
St. Louis, MO
(UnitOvOne Recordings)

Top notch work…track tightened up and brought to life…highly recommend Intellectual Mastering.

- Mustafa Avdic, Label Owner/Producer
Ankeny, IA
(Solar Cathedral Recordings)

“It has been a remarkable and rewarding experience working with Tony (Intellectual Mastering). Every time I send a track out for mastering I am amazed by the transformation of sound.  Each track is brighter, punchier, warmer, and nicely glued and balanced making it perfect for the dance floor.  In addition to his fantastic engineering skills, Tony is always a pleasure to work with and has also assisted in getting other labels to listen and sign my work.  I have tried a few other mastering engineers/services but I have no reason to keep looking.  I have had a wonderful experience, I am always impressed by the end product, and I will continue to use and promote the services provided by Tony (Intellectual Mastering).  Thank you for everything and I look forward to working with you real soon.”

- Brian Chapin, Proudcer, DJ
Denver, CO
(Polytechnic Recordings)

Whenever my music is finished by Intellectual Mastering I am always pretty sure about the perfect quality because Tony has already proved several times that he treats it quite precisely and with accuracy. Every time my music is mastered by him I feel like they are reborn.

- Nomean, Producer/DJ
Budapest, Hungary
(Pure Substance, Mirabilis, Tulipa)

The mastering done on Nearly Wolves was definitely a work of art. Nice booming bass and the high end was nice and crisp. IM does top notch professional work. I highly recommend people to use their service.

- Wayne aka Qarrell, DJ/Producer/Label Owner
(One For All Records)

Hey Tony wanted to say thanks for the great job you did mastering my three tracks, the added Ampex option really added some punch. And with your help and connections I was able to get all three of these tracks signed with Endemic Digital. I would also like to thank you for taking time to answer questions that I had. I will definitely be using your services in the future.

- Joe Cruz, DJ/Producer
St. Louis, MO
(Endemic Digital)

Intellectual Mastering is the only place I go to have my tracks mastered. I know I will get a quick turn around with superb sounding results at a great price. IM has also helped me to shop around my new tracks to record labels and gotten me signed. No reason to look anywhere else for mastering than IM.

- Patternpusher, Producer/DJ
St. Louis, MO
(Sounds of Juan, Endemic Digital)

Tony at IM has been my most valuable asset in my goal of producing and releasing music. Tony not only agreed to tutor me, he came to MY home studio and tutored me where I’d be making my music. When we started my tutoring program I had little to no knowledge of music theory, my DAW, or the tools with in it. The first day, armed with a stack of printouts, Tony came over and said, “Show me what you know. Let’s make a beat.” Turns out I knew less than I thought I did. By the end of the day we had a list of processes and mini-projects to be learned and completed by the next session. This approach was amazing as it not only taught me what I thought I needed to know, but it also taught me what I didn’t even realize I needed. I learned while he was here and I learned on my own based no what we discovered during our sessions. In less than a year later, and I’ve released my first track with a prominent label, and have other labels approaching me wanting to release further music. This would not have happened if I didn’t have Tony is my corner.

- Dienda, DJ/Promoter/Producer
St. Louis, MO
(Tulipa Recordings, Xero Tribe Productions)

I got my songs mastered by Intellectual Mastering and the experience was awesome. They have great customer service, fair pricing, and the finished tracks sound incredible; especially after the ampex analog option was added. iM was extremely helpful with getting my tracks noticed and aided me with getting in touch with the right people. Through their help I was able to get my tracks signed and I look forward to utilizing their services again!

- Nick Neitzel, Dubstep Producer/DJ
St. Louis, MO
(Wompy Records)

After sending to Intellectual Mastering to master my tracks, I finally was signed to be apart of labels (Chiba Records – Germany and UnitOvOne – USA), to become professional and be recognized in my country (Brazil). I am very pleased with the result of the completion of my tracks. Each track has been treated differently. I intend to have a partnership for many years with Intellectual Mastering. Thanks Tony. SLOP ON iM ASSISTING W/ GETTING HIS TRACKS SIGNED: “I was just about to give my tracks to a very doubtful netlabel when iM warned me that my music is good and could find a more serious label for release. Tony, (the iM owner) offered me help to find a serious label. After a few days, I noticed that our partnership was very beyond just mastering! He submitted the tracks to one of his partners UnitOvOne Records, who soon signed me to RED, a sub label that’s more dedicated to my genre (techno) of music. iM definitely went beyond mastering. This really is networking.”

- Slop, DJ/Producer
Sao Paolo, Brazil
(Chibar Records, UnitOvOne Recordings)

Just listened, that’s superb now, just what I was looking for! Lovely and hot, but still lots of depth and room to breathe, very impressed. I will certainly send more work your way, as I finish future projects. Thank you also for your speedy replies and how quickly you addressed the one concern I had, it makes all the difference as a customer, and leaves me with a smile on my face! Consider me a future customer gained!

- Ben Grunnel, Producer
(Tulipa Recordings)

I now use iM exclusively for my mastering. Tony’s fantastic ear, and receptiveness to my needs as an artist provide me with the best quality product I could wish for. Not only does Tony take my music to the next level sonically, but he has utilized his industry contacts to help find my music a home with a label. You could not ask for more!

- Ben Grunnell, Producer
(Tulipa Recordings)

Holy crap dude, just did a comparison between the old (other mastering company) and the new (iM). Your version is louder, less squashed, deeper, hits harder , and I like the over all sound better. Worth every penny bud! You have got yourself a repeat customer!

- Astraway, Producer, DJ
St. Louis, MO, US
(Tulipa Recordings)

I highly recommend that any producers, bands, and pop artist that need their tracks mastered should look no further than I.M. Tony does an amazing job at mastering. Trust me from personal experience, he made my forthcoming release on Tupila recordings sound amazing.

- Will McGlone, Producer
Bristol, VA, US
(Tulipa Recordings)

T-lec’s (Tony’s) style of finishing a song brings that element of complete to all my tracks it’s always a pleasure to work with him. Big up’s T.

- Dotty, MC
St. Louis, MO, US
(Bitter Sweet Records, Spike Rebel, 420 productions)

IM really came through for me when it was crunch time. Having to get an EP mastered within such a short period, he was able to master my tracks before the deadline, while making sure that I was more than satisfied with the end result. I will definitely use IM for future projects.

- Karel, MC
Las Vegas, NV, US

With his high quality processing equipment, Tony can make tracks sound superb that would otherwise not be passable. He salvaged an old track of mine that lacked the original build file, helping save one of my favorite compositions.

- DJ SlantE, DJ/Producer/Promoter
St. Louis, MO, US
(SlantEd Sounds)