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Now offering the Crane Song HEDD 192 Option $15

For only $15 get your master run through, as quoted by legendary mastering engineer Bob Katz, "one of the best sounding converters on this planet".

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Now offering the Ampex ATR 102 Mastering Tape Machine Option $10

For only $10 add the sound of this legendary tape machine to your masters! Click here to watch the video....

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Mastering Rates (below)


Single Track
Package of 2
Package of 3
Package of 10
DJ Mix
Stem Mastering
Mix Down & Master

$80/5 stems
Free initial consultation: check check check check check check check
Revisions included*: check check check check check check check
Free digital delivery**: check check check check check check check
A&R Services: check check check check check check check
MP3 Conversion: check check check check check check check

Take your music seriously? So will your listeners with these pro quality upgrades…..


For only an additional $15 get your master ran through, what legendary mastering engineer Bob Katz says is, “one of the best sounding A/D-D/A converters on this planet”. The sound of this unit compares to those that cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. Your master will have the pinnacle pro sound after it is ran through this hardware unit’s world class sounding converters and state of the art DSP effects. Expect a BIG, WARM, and RICH sound from your master paired with this option. Learn more: Click Here




For only an additional $10 instantly make your master sound warmer, silkier, punchier, and more analog with our Ampex Tape Machine option, built off the holy grail of mastering processors. Learn more: Click Here




For serious producers or labels ….we HIGHLY recommend this package to maximize your sound, professional delivery, and emotional listening connection.




* Revisions are only free on minor mastering adjustments on the original premaster file that is sent. If a new premaster file is sent, then an additional re-mastering fee applies.

** $10 resend fee per send after initial delivery.

Rush services available for an additional $10 per track. **$20 for stem mastering  **$50 for mixdown/mastering

Record labels contact us about our discounted volume program.



Premastering Requirements

To ensure that we can master your music to it’s full potential we require the following:

  1. Stereo WAVE or AIFF files with a resolution of at least 44.1 khz\16 bit (24 bit is preferred).
  2. No effects or plug-ins (compressors, limiter, EQ’s, etc.) on the master channel of your mixdown. Leave it DRY.
  3. Leave at least 5-7 decibels of headroom on your master channel. (Explanation: The loudest peak of your track should not exceed NEGATIVE 5 decibels on your master meter. More about headroom)
  4. Great in-depth article about preparing your music for mastering: HERE

Payment methods

Accepted methods of payments:

Your transaction is privately and securely handled by PayPal